Christmas 4 Dogs

What was Christmas 4 dogs? You did not have to be a student of mine in order to have a free run for your dog nor will you be recruited to be one. It was offered for almost 2 decades and I hope to bring it back some time in the future.

 If you're another trainer's student it did not matter.

 You were limited to 1 free dog per person per family. If you have a dog that you like to work or a retired dog that would like a turn on sheep then bring it out.

 It did not need to be a trained dog but should be socialized. 

Multiple dogs per owner/family have a greatly reduced rate , after the first dog.

Offer limited
to available stock and day light hours.

Christmas for dogs happens no matter the weather, sure the turn out is not as good on a rainy day but the closeness offered by the season is still there.