At the Holy Family Cathedral School's Demonstration 4/22/2015 Mary with Spice, Mike with Chillum, and Jerry with Pic were interviewed about our experiences during the demonstration.

FAIRMONT PREPARATORY ACADEMY...around the world event. March 10,2014 Found Scott, Flash, Pic and Jerry with 6 sheep mingling with the students and showing off their herding skills.


St. Mary's Church in Laguna Beach had us out in July of 2007 discussing the duties of a shepherd, and the shepherds relationship with the sheep.

The pictures on the left and right  where taken  in 1985 when a home school made their field trip out to one of my class sites. 

I have traveled to California, Florida, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, Texas to give herding training clinics.
 I enjoy working with the dogs and their handlers.

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