Parts of entire TV and cable programs that have aired. In this column. These page is being updated and the links are linked to Utube. Some came out a little blurry. The clips in this column are taken from home video cameras, cameras that also take video and from VHS tapes.
  Title and  Description:  
Ella and Choice-Choice and I co-star in  Painless Productions pilot episode for Animal planet "Lead a Dog to Water". Easy-Easy's Last trial a video produced by Ed Faulk
Sport- receiving his HIT award
Who knows? Easy (Shetland sheepdog) tricks Jerry by shaking his head (he does not know). Jerry presses him to answer that he does (raising his front legs), like a child would in a classroom. From OCN. Piper demonstrates the fetch on the current AKC Course A.
Choice on the hill taken from the closing credits of "Lead the Dog to Water" Easy-1990 ASSA Demonstration Run: Easy doing the outrun, lift, fetch. Indoors on the original course A.
JD: An English Shepherd working cattle .From A&E Tesi: Had two conformation championships in the breed ring and her HX herding title, and 1 herding championship point.
Dogs view: Handlers seldom look at things from the dogs view: Tess demonstrates. There is also a story about its filming in the Library.  From OCN. Choice-.Cattle run: Choice on the AKC A course working cattle 11/3/2002.
 CNN news clip. This was made at the Long Beach class sometime during the late 1990's. 2015 Lambs playing King of The Hill. Filmed by Mary Freiberg.
Roxie:  walking with L.G., a short clip. From A&E

2015 Lambs playing. I call this one The Zoomies. Filmed by Mary Freiberg.

Roxie:  walking with L.G., a short clip. From A&E

October 2018 Sunny begins working on his own Sunny Working at 15 weeks. Filmed by Mary Freiberg.

The Dog Whisper GUSS: Intro to Guss and his family (Part 1). Instinct testing  (Part 2) a young Bouvier for National Geographic's .
 Easy: Paw Prints entire 1/2 hour show interview of us.  I broke this up into 9 separate links that this show lent itself to. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9.
 Badger: Pembroke Welsh Corgi doing what Corgi's all seem to like doing. From A&E
Sarah: German shepherd dog getting a kiss from Val From A&E
Cassidy: Australian Shepherd playing scrabble with Donna (the blond) and Joanne (baseball cap). From A&E
Apollo: This is a little choppy however few people have seen an OES work. From CNN
The Dog Whisper- Titan Titan comes out to show his sheep herding abilities. Choice and Jerry are shown doing a shed and working with Caesar's son.