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News Bits...

*A patch of water known as the Circumpolar Deep Water seems to be the force driving the more rapid glacial melting in the southwestern Antarctic Peninsula, the study concluded.

* Smoking was touted as a great way to relax and distress by many medical professionals. So many it isnít so odd to see a hospital patient buying a pack of cigarettes from his hospital bed in the 1950s.

*We do know that the suntan vending machines debuted in 1949 and didnít enjoy a very long life.

*Torn Pads. Buy Silvadene online in 1% cream; cheap drug prices and information

*Watch out for hot spots on your dog in this weather. I recommend that you try Herbal Skin Care for dogs by everyday Naturals first before everything else.

*Prior to the invention of electricity, dentist used a foot-powered drilled to remove the decayed part of the tooth,

*Harvard is in an Ivy League of its own, with more than 13,650 estimated UHNW alumni worth $4.769 trillion

* According to the Guinness Book of World Records,The world's tallest living man is the 251cm (8 feet 2.5 inches) Turkish giant Sultan KŲsen. The world's tallest living woman? Sun Fang, from China, measuring 221cm (7 feet 3 inches.)


* Need a link for crooks ?:

Upcoming events...  

Not much is happening in California as far as herding trials in August that I can find out about to let you know. There is more coming up in October with September closing dates so stay tuned.

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