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The purpose of the Class Newsletter and the Homepage is to add to what you receive at class. Keep this in mind, should you ever feel that you have not received enough information from a particular class day. My email is:  jerstew@verizon.net .

The Class Newsletter and Easy's Place are done by me ©2021, Jerome M. Stewart and all rights are reserved. You need permission from me to re-use them.

News bits...

*Cute Lamb Videos are posted at the bottom of the right column of the Movie page. Thank Mary !

* The nation's deadline to file Income Tax returns and pay is Wednesday, April 15

airbanks, where itís a crime to speak so loudly that it inhibits someone else from speaking freely without leaving the vicinity.

*Valentine's Day in 2021 is on Sunday February 14th

*If you spit publicly in the city of Goodyear, whether on a public walkway, street, park or the ground, you could face up to six months in jail and a fine of $2,500.

*In Delaware. Itís a Class B misdemeanor to sell, barter or offer the fur of a domestic dog or cat includes selling any product made from the hair, which could result in a fine of $2,500 and a ban on owning a dog or cat for 15 years.

Up Coming Events...

March ...

Fastlane Aussies, Litchfield Park, Az
 HTAD Course 2 and Test Classes
Sheep, Cattle and Geese
Sec: Lisa Goss, 623-326-8132, lgossaz@hotmail.com
Course Director: Lisa Goss, and
Dawna Sims, 928-533-1108, Painted7ranch@aol.com

12-13-14-AKC- ACDCLA
Diamond Dog K9 Event Center, Chino, CA
Closes February 24 at 6pm
Limit: 50 runs per day (test and trials combined)
Trial: Course A and B: Sheep, Ducks and Cattle
Tests: HT, PT - Sheep
 Entry form: www.gordonshowsec.info
 Andi Dencklau; 31964 Calabaza Ct., Murrieta, CA 92563

Valentine's Day in 2021 is  Friday February 14th


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