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*   As the first currency ever authorized by the United States in 1787,  The poor little penny is a rich part of American history.
*  Lifetime average primary care physician will pocket roughly $6.5 million in income,  35% less than the $10 million that specialty physicians.

*That means up to 20 percent of people who die from lung cancer have never even smoked at all, according the American Lung Association.

*The world's most expensive cow, Missy, brought in $1.2 million at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in 2009.

*California's governor has signed into law a bill that guarantees all students a state-funded meal of their choice


Diamond Dogs K-9 Events
 3349 Riverside Dr.,
Chino, California 91710
 Nov. 20 - Cattle / Sheep Farm Trials
 Cattle AM, Sheep PM
Saturday & Sunday Nov. 21 & 22
 Post Advance AM,
Arena trials PM
Judges: Farm Trial - Maxine Schvaneveldt;
Sat. & Sun. - Maxine Schvaneveldt, Canby Scott
INFO: Judi Myers, E-mail:,
Cell858-748-1868 (No calls after 8pm)
Mailentries to: Judi 14582 Glenville St Poway, CA92A64

Action K9 Sports, Escondido, CA
JHD, HRD , HTAD-1 sheep,ducks
Judge: Anita Ramsey. Reegan Ray
Sec Donna White, 661- 433- 5623

 28 - 29- AKC - SPVHC
Action K9 Sports, Escondido, CA
A sheep & ducks, B sheep
Judge: Anita Ramsey. Margie Clutter
Sec Donna White, 661- 433- 5623

26-JMS-Long Beach Class- NO Class for Thanksgiving. I will lake Thanksgiving day off.
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November, 2017