The Cameraman
by Jerome M. Stewart
The OCN cameraman was having a problem with the sheep and the dog moving everywhere they could to stay away from him.. The news reporter speaking to me noticed that I was somewhat distracted during our conversation and asked me what was bothering me . I explained that if the cameraman would just stay put I would have the dog bring the sheep to him. It seemed to be a simpler way of doing things (to me) for the cameraman but he did not want to listen, he had an idea!.

So I watched him follow Tess around with the camera held as close to the side of Tess's body as she would allow . They were moving in unison so I directed Tess to drive the sheep.

I waited till the cameraman was fixated on what he was doing then told the Interviewer to " watch this". Unaware of his environment (and the danger he was in) the cameraman was fixated on the viewfinder of the camera. The interviewer did not notice as I (using the whistle commands) headed the dog and sheep right past a tree. The cameraman was on the left side of Tess. The same side as the tree trunk. With perfect timing I blew the down whistle command just in time to stop her and the cameraman who doing his good job stayed right with her. Having stopped and/or perhaps sensed the tree, he looked at the trees trunk just inches from his face. (You see it on the last frame of the video clip)

Looking back at me, with the greatest blush on his face, he gave me a thank you. The interviewer was amazed at our precision. I smiled and told him that it sure helped to have  good training on the dog, timing and a dog  that you could trust.