You can come any time between 11:00am and 4pm on any Tuesday. If you are going to arrive after 2pm please email me at so that I will be sure to wait. Always check the home page and read the banner to make sure that nothing unusual has occurred to prevent a class from happening.

  27480 Lindell Rd
 Lake Elsinore

Not shown in this picture is the round pen or the parking area. They are both off to the right side and down the hill from the arena. I will try to get another picture of them.

The sheep are veteran herding class workers Katahdin/Barbados crosses.

As you go .81 miles up Lindell RD look to up your Right for the Rusty Mule Ranch banner hanging from the round pen. Parking is right there in the cut out off the street.

Park head in or back in it doesn't matter.

This map is not to scale Lindell RD is only 1.2 miles off of the 15 Freeway Nicholes Rd off ramp. Exit #78.