With great pride I announce to you...

WTCH, HC, HTCH Kennelley's Easy's Pic  HXAs, HTDIIIs, , HRDIIIs, HTADIIIs


Pic earned his name by picking me as I entered the litter room at 4 weeks old.. No I just did not fall for that the first time but the next day when I entered the room he did the same thing, this time he recognized me right off and came running..

At seven weeks old I litter tested all the pups on lambs and sure enough he was one of the three that went right to work but there was and additional little trick Pic did to endure me (after a little bit of work) he went over to Choice who was standing by in case the pups needed the help of an old veteran and loved Choice up. Then he went back to the sheep. Choice approved but gave me a look of " your not thinking of what I am thinking of are you?".

Well mannered, fearless, outgoing with a cuteness in his personality that is hard to describe with a look in his eyes that is endearing, a bit different.

His formal name is Kennelley's Easy's Pic, at Tricounty ,Pomona. Pic had his first exposure to herding Trials. At 8months old every thing is a first. Although he had never worked cattle or ducks or been in a duck arena, he was up for the job. Oh, the flying sheep or the sneaky ones that muscled their way thru any opening to let their self's out of the arena, well they never got a chance to pull their antics with Pic. Two herding trials in one day resulted in 6 -1st placements and 3 Started ASCA titles, STD s,d,c.He did not stop there, we did the nearly impossible in an ASCA trial as he also went High Combined Trials Other Breed from the started classes. Owner/handler Jerry Stewart. His breeder Terry Kenney who also bred Triple Herding Champion Choice.

At two years old ,November 21.2010, he earned his AKC "HC" (herding championship) finishing it with 2- 1st place majors. At three years old he earned the ASCA Working Trial Championship (the WTCH) on November 4th, 2011 along with High in Trial Geese, Ducks, sheep and Cattle. Along with these honors he received the High Combined Trials Other Breed Buckle. Unlike other combined buckles this one was for the combined score of 4 trials (12 runs).

June 3, 2012 in Perris, California he completed his 3rd herding championship the AHBA's  Herding Trial Champion (the HTCH) adding another High-n-Trial to his resume.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIGzBkXI3L8 to watch Pic working at 11 weeks old.
Pic at Ten weeks old. His birth date is 8/22/2008 Pic hanging out with Triple Herding Champions Choice and Tessi