WTCH, HC, HTCH  Kenelley's Easy's Choice, HX, HXA s,c, HXB s, HTD III s,d, HRD-III s, PATD s, HTADIII s
June 30, 1997 - August 25,2011

Choice started his herding at nine weeks old on a carefully managed introduction to his duties as a working dog.

At six months old he entered his first herding trial and found out about cattle, he loved them. It is hard to tell which he liked best ducks, sheep or cattle. His ASCA Working Trial Championship was finished at fourteen months old. 

We took a month off from ASCA  to earn his AKC Herding Advanced title, the "HX" at 1 year old. I brought him back onto the AKC courses after a year away to earn the AKC H.Ch at the age of 2 1/2.

At nineteen months old he earned his AHBA HTD-III with two high in trials scored 98 and 91 (100 points possible). He now  has completed the requirements for his AHBA herding championship the HTCH, before his third birthday.

 AHBA added a new title in 2007 so at 10 years old I brought him back onto the trial scene. He earned his HTAD IIIs title with 2 High In Trials with scores of 97.5 and 95.5.

 August 25,2011 he happily loaded into the back seat of our truck on the way to the Long Beach herding class (where he joined my family) and silently passed on along the way.





I never get a turn!



For the video of Choice herding cattle at the ACDCLA trial at the Knight Ranch on AKC course A. 11/3/2002 click here.
ahhh...just me and my sheep Choice does acting part on Ella and Me  
I'm waiting With a twist I wish they would throw it higher.
Family Pictures
famport.GIF (82880 bytes) machwk.JPG (60283 bytes) cal3.JPG (25479 bytes)
Family of  Ellie, Bandit, Nan, Coal, Choice at the Tri-County ASCA trial 5/31/98 Granddaughter works with Choice. Playing on the shore line at Ventura during low tide.
(click on thumbnailed picture) Choice as he grows up.  

Choice signing in at class for a turn at nine weeks old.
chstock.JPG (5505 bytes)
Choice at 14 weeks.

Cheal.JPG (6086 bytes)
Choice heeling at 16 weeks.
chrun.JPG (6267 bytes)
Gotta get them sheep!
ch16wks.gif (42556 bytes)
16 weeks old
chce1yr.GIF (29720 bytes)
10 months old

chport.JPG (3621 bytes)
1 year old

chport3.JPG (25613 bytes)
At two years old

New-1.jpg (151360 bytes)
At four years old


5 years old

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