WTCH  Stewart's Easy Storm, UD, HX, HTD-III, PC  ( 10/16/85 - 9/1/99 )

It's about Easy : everything I do with the dogs and thus this website started with him!

Easy's earned titles are HX, HTD-III, PC, HC, UD, WTCH. He is registered with the AKC and FCM. He is a Shetland Sheepdog. His titles were earned by the time he was four years old. The "PC" is an International obedience title earned in Mexico. He started competing in AKC CD obedience rings at six months of age. He earned his first CD leg on his first attempt.

He began training in herding at ten months of age.   I needed him to help at my herding classes more than competing and
 there where no other championship titles available at that time. so I stopped trialing him at the age of four years old with 26 High in Trials.

I was very proud of him when he became the first AKC registered dog to  earn the ASCA, Working Trial Championship. He was also the first Sheltie to earn the AKC HX, and was the first AKC UD, HX.

I highly recommend that you use this link: Testimonial Page Which has Tributes, stories, video, background and pictures.

 For the Video of his 1990 ASSA Nation's Demonstration run click

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The Sheltie bark

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All in the days work.
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Easy 13th Birthday

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Jump me with my back turned!


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Now try it!
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Training another junior handler
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Easy tending a lamb

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Dad needs a Soda
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During an introduction