WTCH, H.Ch Tess HTD-III (9 pts)  3/24/89 - 6/15/97


At fours years of age she adopted Jerry and Easy as her next family; her first family had to move abroad for a great career opportunity. She was needed to help Easy and Jerry with all the classes and the Flock whose size had tripled. So, at the age of four, Tess gave up the simple life to take up sheep herding.She was ABC and AKC registered Tess did herding at herding trials for recreation and has competed and done well at the Open level at the Master's Cup, America's Cup and the Slaven's Zamore Hills ISDS herding trials.

Tess on  4/21/95 at the Silver Bullet Trial with Chris Timmons judging earned  the highest score of 114 wining the first  ASCA  PATD-s Course  and the Silver Buckle at Galt, Ca.

She completed her Working Trial Championship (ASCA) and her Herding Championship (AKC) and died a point away from finishing her Herding Trial Championship (AHBA).

TessCow.JPG (8662 bytes) TessDuck.JPG (13090 bytes) sheep3.JPG (15129 bytes)

Tess gathering a cow.

I have ducks.

I love my sheep!

tess.JPG (16651 bytes) To help you see what the dog sees while herding, I have provided this video clip linked to below. to the right.

Click here to get the story behind this video clip.

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