Anaheim, CA
  NOW CLOSED ! see the June 2015 edition of the Class Newsletter for the story.

Front part of the Anaheim training area December 2001

ANAHEIM: The last class was Wednesdays May 7,2015 hours where 11 a.m. until 4 pm (hours are extended if participation warrants).

Trainer: Jerry Stewart assisted by Matt

1 - 100' x 90' shaded arena
7-9 Katahdin crossed sheep

Make a left in front of the ranch house and go past the red barn to the parking area. At the end is a gate. That is where we are at. Come on in.

Please do not bother the people in the ranch house or house trailer.

8712 Santa Ana Canyon Rd., Anaheim, CA.

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What happened...

The story is we were displaced do to a deal between The Irvine Company and the County of Orange. For a favorable vote for a 500 unit development the Irvine Company would donate the site that we used for class to the Countyof Orange.

The Ranch house and barn have been raised and the area is now a parking lot! The herding area has been left alone and is badly overgrown and now is a fire hazard.


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