Championships are earned NOT given!

There are some at class now that may earn their first herding championship this year and do not realize how close they are. This is because of the hurdles they must first overcome to get there. Not understanding that champions are made, formed by powers greater than ourselves. Molded by challenges, hurdles they must overcome that  produce an inner change, educating the soul on what it takes to rise above it all, then testing the spirit of those that have taken up the challenge.

I encourage you to take this voyage. Persevere and keep getting up. Learn and go at it again. Step on the excuses because that is where they belong, under your feet. You can become greater than you are today if you do not give up on tomorrow. Wait and that tomorrow may never come.

What these Championship abbreviations mean:


Name of Championship











WTCH = Working Trial Champion


H.Ch = Herding Champion
HC = Herding Champion


HTCH = Herding Trial Champion


Ch =  Championship

is issued by the Australian Shepherd Club Of America 

older title and the newer title issued by the American Kennel Club

is issued by the American Herding Breeds Association


 is issued by the Any Kennel Club

Requires the Dog to have completed their advanced titles on ducks, sheep and Cattle

Completed HX title then acquired 15 points compiled by using a chart based on the amount of dogs beaten. Has to include two first placements. One being a major of 3 points or better.

The dog has to complete a title at the Advanced level of any of their many titles. Then acquire 10 scores of 80 points or better.

each Kennel club may differ in their requirements




High In Trial Dogs

High Breed Score in Trial


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