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Scottish Highland Games


The Highland Games at Prado Park, California  had us back for ten years presenting  our all herding breeds demonstration using dogs of different dog breeds at different stages in their training. There we have participated in the "clash of the clans" over the ownership of the livestock. We have also "marched" the sheep in the daily parades showing how well the dogs can control the stock, even in the midst of a large crowd! wpe02865.gif (88474 bytes) click on picture below to see larger version

Choice fetching to our booth.

Our booth for the 1999 demo.

Parading without sheep.

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Lunch time

Our booth for the 2000 demo.

Re-enactor gets into the picture

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  Pleasanton, CA  

Here Choice is being presented to the Queen at the Pleasanton highland games recognition of his 3 Herding Championship at the age of 11 years old.

Below Choice and Jerry  playing Frisbee at court waiting to be received by the Queen
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