After 18years we have moved (due to the sale of the Stonewall ranch ) to

  A Sun City location where we stayed for 3 years before moving on.

The last herding class at the Stonewall Ranch was  November 27th, 2012.

PERRIS: Tuesdays 11 a.m. until 4 pm (hours are extended as participation warrants)

Trainer: Jerry Stewart
1 - 100' square pen
1 - 60' round pen
1 - 300' x 400' arena
1 - 220' x 150' arena
1 - 100' x 200' arena

63 purebred Katahdin sheep

The class site location in the photograph is indicated by the small black question mark in the picture directly above this column.. For directions click here.

For Aerial Photo click here. The address is 27180 Citrus Ave, Perris, Ca

The picture above is taken by me from the West rim of the valley looking Eastward.

For answers to your questions click here.

Have additional questions mail me,

The Anaheim location link. The Long Beach link.

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