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Carianne, CDX, HC, HTD-Is, STD-d


Easy, where have you been?

It’s been almost one year since I’ve seen you and I’ve missed you so.

In life you were always there to show me the way,

But here I have been on my own.

You always backed me up from the time I was a puppy,

For the mundane tasks of life and when I needed help herding.

You showed me how to be a proper guardian,

When I was little and forgot to come when Mom called me,

You took my leash and gently brought me to her.

When the sheepies tried to push me around,

You showed me how to win.

When I was sick in the hospital,

You visited me and inspired me to eat and get well.

When I could barely walk but wanted to herd,

You backed me up, showed me the way, and inspired me to win yet again.

So here we are once again,

And this time I’ll have to show you the way.

But oh Easy…there was one thing in life you never got to teach me,

Mom’s not here and I see some moo cows just down the road….