Life consists of changing ways,
In stately grace he spent his days,
From pup to dog he grew so strong,
Pushed by stock that came along.

By chance he found his life-long task,
Push sheep or cow or duck -- don't ask,
Keen eye, sharp wit and confidence,
These he's showed us ever since.

His trialing days were short but bright,
He did it all when in his sight.
And titles he did soon acquire,
While working through the muck and mire.

The second HX he did own,
A WTCH came next, he had no bone
to pick with stock; he worked 'em all
In winter, summer, spring and fall.

And when at last he reached age four,
His dad did close the trialing door.
Yet Easy's job was never done,
His teaching role was just begun.

Working stock or teaching pup,
Whatever kept his spirits up.
The days went by, his step did slow,
But belly fired down below.

Retired now, he worked much less,
Jerry used a dog named Tess.
His son he trained, he did not scorn,
For of his loins that dog was born.

Other dogs that he did teach,
Continue striving for his reach.
Yet Easy's love of work is clear,
And never did the stock he fear.

And though his life on earth is done,
His legend rises like the sun.
For at the Bridge a Sheltie stands,
Whose power holds the stock's command.

For once again his youth restored,
His memories as treasures stored,
With Easy's greatest sobriquet,
He was and is a stock dog yet.

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