It was 9 years ago that I first met Easy. My Sheltie, Brandy, and I had gone to Jerry for herding lessons. Up a hill some 200 yards away was a small brown spot gathering sheep off a rather steep hillside. Jerry would softly whistle commands and Easy would respond instantly. This small package wastops when it came to livestock: sheep, cattle, ducks, it didn't matter.

Jerry explained that the dogs roamed free in the fenced training area and they worked out their own pecking order -- except that Easy was the top dog and there was no doubt about it.

Brandy was a slow starter. We worked and worked and worked but it was slow in coming...slow, that is, until Easy stepped in.

After a test and trial where we earned our PT. I bumped Brandy to started -- mostly for experience. She did fine until I made a mistake and neither of us had the experience to fix the problem.

 At the end of the day there was lots of daylight so the
club allowed us to go in and work the sheep. Jerry, Easy, Brandy and I went in, I explained the problem and we then demonstrated what had happened. The results were the same, sheep escaping! Jerry and I started talking about the problem and Easy took Brandy aside and, somehow, explained the problem to her. She never ever made that mistake again -- Easy had fixed it for us.

On another occasion Jerry leashed Brandy to Easy so he could teach her --and teach her she did. If she made a mistake once Easy showed her how to fix it, but the second time he corrected HER for the mistake. Over the years Brandy and Easy had some kind of communication between them because when they worked together there was a bond that kept them working in synchronization that was beautiful to watch.

Brandy earned her HX -- but it was Easy who made it possible.

Goodbye, Mr. Easy, we'll miss you.

Ed, Brandy and Storm (Son of Easy)