The Great Teacher, Mr. Easy!

        “There is a lot more to herding than just working your dog”, is one of Jerry’s sayings, but Easy showed how herding was done in all the lessons that he taught Jerry.  In turn, Easy has imparted his lessons onto us either from himself or though Jerry.  Easy helped many a dog start to herd and helped them along the path to be the best herding dog possible.   Easy had a subtle and gentle way of teaching our dogs the art to moving livestock.   He was powerful when he needed to be and guiding when he needed to be.  In his wisdom, he knew when to help and when it wasn't needed.  He showed his way, and when the dog understood he backed off enough to let the dog succeed on his own.  Easy helped my sheltie, Shadow develop confidence to herd sheep.  He showed her how to do it, and she would follow along till she understood.  Once she did, she did it herself, and Easy stepped back and watched her herd.  If she needed his guidance he was there to help.  Easy helped many times in teaching my dog to herd and his guidance will be missed a great deal.  We will continue to learn from all the lessons that Easy has taught to Jerry and that he passes on to us.  Easy will be missed by all, Jerry, his students, the class dogs, the sheep, and everyone that Easy touched in his generous lifetime.  Thank you Mr. Easy for all the lessons, you were a great teacher for all of us!  I hope we all continue to learn from you and what you imparted onto your dad, Jerry.  You will be in all our hearts forever.

Ellen, Shadow, and Sparkle