I guess what I'll always remember best about Easy was his walk. His swagger after a grooming or when he'd let someone know what's what. His "skip" to the sheep pen every year at lambing time when he went to visit his charges. And his walk when he was feeling very affectionate? Well, he would just walk right into you! Some people said Easy walked slow. Of course he was famous for the "out-mosey" that preceded each lift and fetch, but his stock work wasn't characterized by his speed, or lack thereof. No, Easy's work, be it with sheep, cattle, ducks, or fish, could be summed up in two words: precision and authority. He never faltered, never took a misstep. He was always in the right place at the right time.Easysoda.JPG (23681 bytes)

And so it was that as Jerry and Easy shared so many experiences, so too did they share a birthday. And on October 16, 1985, God gave them each a very special gift.

"Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears but smile

And talk of me as if I were beside you

I loved you so

'Twas heaven here with you."