On one occasion earlier this year, Easy was sent in to backup young, inexperienced Rosie on sheep as she was having some difficulties. As can happen with puppies and adolescents, she was at a developmental stage when her confidence could have easily been shaken and the sheep were doing their best to accomplish this. Easy came to the rescue and gave it all he had. Although he was 12, it was as though we went back in time and he was 4 again. The carriage, attitude and pride of youth had returned to his demeanor for a few short minutes. When he knew that everything was okay with Rosie and the sheep, without any cue from myself or Jerry, he sat proudly, head held high, in the center of the arena and watchfully remained there in case Rosie needed his assistance again. Even Little Rose recognized the privilege of working with this grand old dog. For a few short minutes, we had a final glimpse of Easy in his prime. This is how I will always remember him. Thank you again, Easy.rosshp1.JPG (29592 bytes) Your legacy lives on in the many dogs whom you have inspired.

Jody &

AM.Ch, INT.Ch, Rosie,CGC, HIC, HTD I, s