Reflections on Mr. Easy from a student

       I never had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Easy compete.   I only knew him from herding class.
  His passing leaves a huge hole at class for me.  I will miss him working the students for treats.
  He had us beautifully trained to carry goodies for him at all times.   If he wasn't given his treat,
 you would hear about it.  He would sit by cars leaving class until he was given his treat. 

      I will miss Mr. Easy stepping up and taking care of a situation that needed fixing. 
 Most of all I will miss him walking to the arena gate and demanding he be let in to train the lambs.
  This was HIS job and he didn't take kindly to any dog attempting HIS job.  He mainly rested from HIS chosen
position at class.  When he could no longer watch a sheep mess, he would
sigh, get up and take care of business.

      Good bye Mr. Easy.  If there are sheep in heaven, I know you will be taking care of business.

                                 Judy Ecklund