Mr Easy was a person...

Easy was a person.  Some dogs get to be "real people" because somebody loves them, like the Velveteen Rabbit.  Easy's cognition went far beyond merely
being loved.  Mr. Easy was the most real dog person I have ever known in 60
some odd years of trying to "know" dogs.  My belief is he achieved
personhood because he had  intelligence plus the gift of responsibility.
When he learned something, no matter how simple or how complicated, from
then on he was responsible for using that knowledge in his everyday life and
his work.  When he began to learn things on his own, he cheerfully started
teaching his "trainer"!

I have owned dogs that would teach things to other dogs I owned and enforce
my rules with young dogs. But  Easy would give lessons to perfectly strange
dogs because that is what he and the Boss did together. Fearless, fair and

Easy's concept of what was funny. There is a subject for a good sized book.
Easy peeing on the cannon loaded with blanks at the Highland games.

Easy's inventiveness.  At Inyokern in 1992  a whole group of trialers and
their dogs were having a last dog-potty op out behind the motel after
dinner. Easy had spent a year trying to teach Shorty pecking order manners.
But the dang Welshman couldn't help backsassing and oversteping.  I was
sitting on a bench when suddenly Easy charged me snarling and grabbing my
hands and arms.  I looked down and here was the beautiful Easy face, soft
eyed in spite of the curled lip. Then he glanced over his shoulder at
Shorty. I realized he was saying "I am the top dog even if I decide to tear
up your Mom".   I don't know what Shorty might have done because unknown to
Easy, a little cattle dog that had slept on my bed the night before, leaped
on him from under the bench! All she did was turn him over. Shorty came over
to Easy and evidently said" Females! Lets go pee on a bush." Because that is
what they did. Easy never did apologize to me for that because he knew I

And I knew you knew I knew, Easy. Have a grand trip . We will all be along
sooner or later. Save us a place.

Sue, Shorty. Badger and JD


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